Friday, January 9, 2015


Another amazing day in Kolkata!  I love this city, love these people, love the amazing ministry partners we have here. 

We spent the morning at New Hope School in Udayan Pally in the New Town/Salt Lake area.  Today was our 3rd and final day to work with New Hope.  My friends Pastor Rudra and Didi Mita are the real deal, y'all.  They have dedicated their lives to serving the children at New Hope.  Talk about pouring your whole self out to serve.  They wrote the book on pouring yourself out. 

We had a great morning at the school.  We continued our lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit.  Our chapel time was led mostly by the children.  Have you heard 50 little Indian accents reciting the Lord's Prayer?  You are missing out.  "May your (may your) holy name (holy name) be honored (be honored." (the younger kids repeat after the older about the Titus teaching!

We left the school and headed to another one of our favorite places, an amazing aftercare home that is an amazing place for trafficking victims to begin rebuilding their lives.  We visited here last year when the home was under construction and we wrote scriptures on all of the walls before it was painted.  The walls are now covered with a fresh coat of paint but we all remembered where we had written the scriptures that claimed peace, protection, healing, rest, and hope for the girls that now reside here.  It was so refreshing to see the girls laughing and enjoying the day with the crazy ladies from Texas.  Our partners at this aftercare home are so innovative and give their whole heart to this life changing ministry.

The ministry partners at this aftercare home tell us that the girls struggle with conflict resolutions skills. Today's lesson was about identifying your personality and then processing through how different personality types get along (or not). I had them identify with different candies (Red Hot - fiery personality that is fun to be around but sometime says too much, Good and Plenty - hard to get to know and don't let people see your heart easily but then very sweet on the inside, Hershey Kiss - very sweet but avoids difficult conversation that sometimes need to be had, etc.) There was 6 different candies and they had to choose 1 - 2 that described their personality. It was so much fun! Thanks Barry Debor for the great descriptions of the candies! They were spot on! Have I mentioned that my hubby is just as much of our team as I am? I couldn't travel halfway around the world without him on my side and without all of his help with prep.

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