Monday, January 12, 2015


We just returned home from the Mukti Network Retreat.  We had such an amazing time!

What is MNR?  Mukti Network is basically a conglomeration of some of the biggest heroes in Kolkata.  All of the counselors, house mothers, trainers, etc that work with girls that have been rescued are part of a large network.  They meet monthly to fellowship, talk about what is going on in their safe house, share stories about the successes of their girls, etc.  Some of the ministries are not houses but more like training centers (ie sewing centers, jewelry making training, etc) that are housed at the safe houses.

The retreat is held every year in January when we come and we have the HONOR of being the host! To treat these women to a fun weekend is our absolute pleasure.  They deserve so much more than what we can give but if we can help them relax and unwind for 2 days we feel like we have done our jobs.  We provide everything from ziplining, bible training, prayer time, pedicures, etc.  It is SO MUCH FUN to watch them relax!  Many of the women took their very first bubble bath ever!  I love this retreat! 

I couldn't be prouder of my girl Lauren.  She wrote a series of monologues for us to use during one of our breakout sessions.  They were titled "One but Not Alone".  Basically she took 7 bible stories and turned them into monologues.  She used people like Rahab, Moses, David, etc that felt inadequate to fulfill God's plan and purpose and then told the stories of how God used them.  It was beautiful and in my humble opinion one of the highlights of the retreat.  She was amazing.  Proud Mom moment!

After we got home from the retreat we took auto rickshaws to Park Street and ate at a place simply titled "Barbeque".  It was Chinese food.  LOL  Yummy!

Tomorrow we head out to see our friends at Destiny.  For more information about Destiny visit  Can't wait to spend the day with the girls there!

Oh and we were in a car accident on the way home from the retreat.  Not a big deal here but it made for an exciting drive home! 

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